Bringing you the finest products straight from the heart of Italy and from all around the world
Expor is an Italian preserved food agency company based in Salerno, Italy with over 30 years experience in the food industry (retail, food service and industrial), as well as overseas markets.

We have commercial relationships with first class clients, reputable and accredited suppliers and producers, transporters and shippers worldwide. We are dedicated in assisting clients to secure and source on their behalf products needed for their markets whether it be retail, food service or for industrial use.

Our Services

‣ Market research
‣ Commercial negotiations
‣ Respecting clients technical and quality standards
‣ Assistance with development of own label packaging 
‣ Logistical support

Need Assistance?

If you have any specific request, please contact us below and we will guide you in the right direction!

Our offices are located in a strategic location close by to the principal industries typical of the territory (canning industries, pasta producers, oil producers, wine growers etc.) and to the main logistic platforms.